our mission

MIDLEA’s security concept is simple: provide cutting-edge tactics and personnel while maintaining an “old-fashioned” work ethic and values. When the decision is made to find a company that provides potentially life-saving services, it is prudent to seek out the very highest quality available. The litmus test that MIDLEA uses is satisfied by answering a simple question-“are we providing a service that keeps our families safe?” The answer to this question must always be a resounding “yes!”  That is what MIDLEA, LLC offers and delivers.

Dignitary Protection

MIDLEA provides dignitary protection to political figures, corporate executives, professional athletes, and celebrities. Additionally, our protection officers have the ability to travel and stay with clients that require constant coverage. All of our professionals are current or former police officers or military veterans that are experienced in being tasked with the highest levels of protection details. Personal protection assignments can be conducted as a discreet, covert operation or a highly visible, overt deterrence presence.

Explosive detection

MIDLEA provides world class K9 Odor Detection to ensure the safety, security, and peace of mind of our clients. The quality of the dog is only one of several factors which, in combination, determine the dog’s success.  The dog’s drive and desire for a reward are also keys to detection.  Above all else, it is the experience of the handler and his/her ability to read the dog’s COB (change of behavior). 

Educational Seminars

An absolute must for security personnel and owners of high-profile venues.  Our courses teach your staff to identify explosive devices and components as well as offender/ terrorist behavior.  Our bomb techs have taught their craft to first responders around the nation for over 10 years.  MIDLEA now offers these seminars to the private sector.  Educating individuals and companies cultivates a safer environment for everyone. Call for a consultation and quote.

Welcome to Midlea 

We are an elite K9 Company created to offer the same quality K9 teams used by the federal government, law enforcement agencies, and the military.  MIDLEA was launched by our team of police and military K9 handlers after recognizing a gap in the level of protection offered to local municipalities and private industry.  MIDLEA fills that gap.


  • Illinois Security Agency License 122.00xxxx
  • Illinois Security Contractor License 119.00xxxx
  • Illinois Private Detective License 115.00xxxx
  • Illinois K9 Training Received From 264.00xxxx
  • Illinois K9 Handler Training Course 265.00xxxx
  • Illinois K9 Trainer Card 266.00xxxx
  • Illinois K9 Handler Card 267.00xxxx
  • Illinois Explosive Transport License 00056xx
  • Minnesota Protective Agency License 2077
  • Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional 
  • Services License 17274 – xx
  • Federal Training & Annual Certification
  • ATF Federal Explosive License 3-ILxxxx(Available upon request)

Who We Are

MIDLEA is the only licensed K9 Training Academy in the Midwest that trains and certifies dogs and K9 Teams in conventional searches (stationary explosive odor) and PSC – Person Screening Canine (moving subjects containing explosive odor). The standard at which our handlers are held to is second to none.

Our Clients

Additional clients include:

Northwestern University,  Chicago Fire (FC),  Ravinia,  Tinley Park Amphitheater,  Allstate Arena, &

BMO Harris Bank Center.






Located In

Chicago, IL


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